Our aim is to develop our children into global citizens with a passion  for learning through instilling consideration, self-expression and vision.

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Unique and Engaging Learning Experiences

Kinder Kids understands the need for higher standards of education for young learners at the most important stage of their lives. We go above and beyond in our care for the children, providing them with a stimulating, engaging and safe learning environment. We strive to provide the children with more opportunities to express themselves and develop and share their opinions.

...a school that understands the need for a higher standard of education for children in the most important stage of their lives
...a school where children learn to think globally from a young age
...the Kinder Kids approach to early childhood learning
・Literacy ・Numeracy ・Science ・Cooking ・Music ・Japanese ・Physical Education
...children who have healthy minds and bodies
...children who are confident and self-aware
...children who have a headstart in all aspects of education

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