Busy Bee

Nursery Class

D.O.B. Range:
1st Aug. 2022 - 31st Jul. 2023 (1-2 yo)

Our main goals are

■ to encourage the children’s natural curiosity within a stimulating environment

■ to expose the children to the idea of routines which aid in a smoother transition into Toddler Class

For many, the Busy Bees Class is the first time children spend time away from their parents. Our warm, caring environment helps students to take this step without additional stress being placed upon the child.

Our experienced teachers will support your child in a small class group with many chances for one-on-one interaction. We use the children's senses to stimulate their interest and increase their engagement in learning. Our extensive theme curriculum is used to teach topics such as Animals, Things Around the Home, and about themselves. Activities such as yoga are integrated each day to aid in their physical development.

We also encourage independence through daily routines and support students as they learn to be more independent, develop group and life skills, and show consideration for their friends.

Please note, that for children to be enrolled in the program they will need to be able to walk without assistance.

Days5 days (Mon-Fri)

Class Hours9:00am - 12:30pm

Long Stay6:30am - 17:30pm

Teacher-Child Ratios1:41 teacher for every 4 children[with a maximum of 8 students per class]

Class Photos

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Painting helps brain development and stimulates creativity whilst providing an enjoyable learning experience.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Through imaginative play, our students practice language and social skills that are vital to their ongoing development and problem solving abilities.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Smiles and the children’s enjoyment are integral to children’s learning. Children who are happy and engaged learn and have more meaningful learning experiences.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    New experiences provide our younger students with many exploration opportunities and chances to learn.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    With hands on support from our licenced teachers, our students are able to ‘Imagine’, ‘Explore’ and ‘Create’.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    The development of relationships between our children and the teachers helps their emotional, social and cognitive development.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Playing with balloons is a fun, sensory experience that develops children’s hand-eye coordination, timing and motor skills.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Taking a stroller ride down to the park is always so much fun for our Busy Bee Class students.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Our thematic approach to teaching in the Busy Bee and Frozen Frog classes helps the students explore the world around them while learning new vocabulary and being exposed to new ideas.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    In our Introductions topic we talked about pets. We talked about some families having fish and some having turtles. We even got the chance to see what it was like inside the Kinder Kids Fish Tank.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Gross Motor Skills focus on the development of the larger muscles in the body and help children with the ability to run, skip and walk. Jumping in particular helps children increase their overall coordination skills.

  • Busy Bee [Infant / Toddler Class]

    Having an opportunity to participate in a supported Gross Motor Skills experience (such as walking on stepping stones) helps children’s balance and cognitive development.