Pilot Peguin &
Laughing Leopard

Kinder 1 Class

D.O.B. Range:
1st Aug.2020 - 31st Jul.2021 (3-4 yo)

Our main goals are

■ to use social and play-based learning to promote the students' development

■ to develop pre-literacy skills and a further awareness of phonics to build a solid base for the teaching of reading and writing from the beginning of Kinder 1 Classes

During class time, children enjoy learning through a wide variety of social studies and science-based topics. We begin the school year with familiar themes, including classroom surroundings, family, and the home. As the year goes on the topic curriculum progresses toward other areas of interest such as Space, Dinosaurs, Mini Beasts, and Road and Rail Transportation. Children enjoy art and craft, music, drama, story time, and cooking activities associated with these topics.

In addition, through experiencing a variety of activities with their classmates, we set the stage for the continuing development of our students' social skills. We also continue to develop their fine motor skills through teaching them how to use scissors, glue, and writing implements.

Exposure to sight words is also one of the first steps toward building basic reading and writing skills, which helps children transition smoothly into Kinder 2 (Dancing Dinosaur Class). Students also review pre-writing basics learned in Toddler Class before moving on to handwriting practice for the remainder of the year.

Days5 days (Mon-Fri)

Class Hours8:30am - 13:00pm

Long Stay6:30am - 17:30pm

Teacher-Child Ratios1:121 teacher for every 12 children[max class size of 22]

*For the Kinder classes, there are 20 spots available in each class. Two additional spots in each Kinder Class are reserved for possible international transfers from other Kinder Kids schools.