The most important aspect of our Physical Education program is to encourage all children to participate in active play and enjoy moving their bodies in many different ways. Through active play, young children learn about their bodies' capabilities and how to control their movements. Apart from physical skills such as running, hopping, skipping, catching, throwing, and kicking, we focus on the concept of teamwork and good sportsmanship. This includes following the rules and enjoying the activity at hand independent of a win or a loss.

Other positive results from our P.E. program are the benefits it provides to all areas of learning. Physical activity fuels the brain with a better supply of blood and oxygen, which in turn provides brain cells with a healthier supply of natural substances. This helps the brain grow and build a greater number of connections between neurons. These connections make the brain better able to process a variety of information, thus leading to improved retention of facts, a greater understanding of concepts, and subsequently higher achievement.