Parent Testimonials

The Hilton family

Kinder Kids was a “diamond-in-the-rough” find for us while searching for a Honolulu preschool for our daughter. The school is nestled in the peaceful mountains of Hawaii Kai, surrounded by beautiful trees and nature. We went on 8 preschool tours, and Kinder Kids was impeccably clean, new, spacious, and has the most adorable decor that is perfectly suited for toddlers. The director is not only experienced and organized, but knows each student and parent by more than just name- she provides excellent communication with us and we feel completely comfortable that she has each child’s best interest at heart.

Through the HiMama App that they utilize, I was able to see everything that my daughter's day encompasses, like a description of the daily schedule/activities, photos of my daughter during circle time, art, gym, yoga, reading/writing practice, and lunch time, and even when she used the potty! It’s extremely special to actually get to see your child creating an art project that they bring home with them at the end of the day. As a first time parent it would be so hard for me not to see what she was doing throughout the day, but with HiMama I felt like I was with her the whole time, and the updates gave me constant reassurance.

The Kinder Kids teachers are incredibly loving, friendly and just take such good care of her- she is always clean when I pick her up, and they encourage her to be independent, but at the same time, give assistance and attention to things she struggles with. It warms my heart that they don’t force her to be a big girl, but help her grow into one.

The Kuioka family

Our daughter has learned so much from this wonderful preschool program. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. The atmosphere and learning environment is optimal for all young children and we receive reports and photos everyday detailing what she has learned. Most importantly, our daughter loves her class and teachers and looks forward to going to school everyday! We can be at ease when she is at school knowing she is cared for, safe, and in a place that facilitates her future success.

The Engels family

Our family has been attending Kinder Kids since it first opened its doors in Clarkson in 2014.

We selected the school after hearing about their impressive and innovative curriculum, in particular, their phonics program. The workbooks and materials are vibrant and fun, and our three kids can often be heard singing the phonics songs throughout our house. Our kids have been everything from a Busy Bee to a Dancing Dinosaur, learning their letters and numbers all while dancing and singing. Our two oldest kids have both entered the public school system knowing how to read, add and subtract, and we know our youngest little guy is not too far behind. The kids also get exposed to various themes and topics, like dinosaurs, the solar system, nutrition and the neighbourhood they live in - there is something pretty neat about having your 3 year old come home and rattle off the names of the correct order. The children have no idea how much they are learning because they are too busy having a blast!

Kinder Kids not only provides our children with a strong educational foundation and a nurturing, safe, loving environment, it also creates a sense of community and tradition. Each year, our family looks forward to events such as the Christmas party, Sports Day and the Summer Concert. Through these events, our kids gain the confidence required to get up in front of an audience and perform songs, dances and skits, an extremely important life skill that will serve them well in the future.

All of this is made possible by the wonderful, dedicated and loving staff at the school. The teachers and administration at Kinder Kids are amazing - year after year we whole heartedly entrust our children's well-being and education to them, knowing that they truly care for our kids. The teachers are very knowledgeable, kind, nurturing, enthusiastic, and most importantly, fun! My children happily go off to Kinder Kids each day, running into the arms of their teachers. Over the past 4 years, the staff have become like family - people who help us, as parents, navigate through the challenges that come with raising toddlers to kindergarteners. They listen to all our concerns, provide advice and work throughout the day with our kids helping them learn and grow.

Our children have grown up (and continue to grow) here and they have loved every minute of it. I have dreaded each time I have had to tell my kids that they would not be returning to Kinder Kids as it was time to go to "Big Kid" school, since it always results with weeks of tears and declarations that they "don't want to leave Kinder Kids." I will also most likely shed a few tears myself when it is time for our youngest to say good-bye.

We truly are so happy we found Kinder Kids and that we have had the opportunity to become a part of this wonderful community.

The Dolland family

When Kinder Kids opened back in 2014, we enrolled Reyna when she was 1 year old. At the time, we were simply excited that she would be going to a new school in our neighbourhood. We had no idea that we would be joining a Kinder Kids family and that the bonds and friendships developed during Reyna's early education would last beyond the four years she spent at the school - among the students but also among parents. Reyna often says her favourite part of Kinder Kids was her friends and her teachers; there were some days where it was even difficult to convince her to come home!

Over the years, Wayne and the teachers have worked together to really build a warm and welcoming community for the students and families. There are several events throughout the year that provided us with an opportunity to be involved in Reyna's education - from in-class observations and discussions with the teachers to field trips to family and community events. The annual concerts are probably our most memorable events where all the students demonstrate their skills and confidence on stage in a theatre - it's really an amazing production and a testament to what the children are capable of at such a young age!

Now that Reyna has graduated from Senior Kindergarten, it is clear that the Kinder Kids curriculum provided Reyna with a strong academic foundation which promoted advanced reading, writing and oral skills. Her early exposure to the Japanese and French classes sparked her love of languages which she is continuing to build on now. Among all the wonderful features that Kinder Kids offers, we feel that it's the teachers that make everything possible. Throughout Reyna's four years, her teachers have supported her every step of the way, nurturing a positive environment that helped to build her confidence and leadership skills.

We have since moved to another city, but have enrolled our younger daughter, Briella, into Kinder Kids for the valuable experience that we know she will have. We have researched and toured various daycares, Montessori schools and private schools in the area and we haven't found anything that compares to the complete package that we feel Kinder Kids offers. We feel very fortunate to have our Kinder Kids family and we look forward to Briella building friendships and learning new skills in the time ahead!