Over the course of the year we have many exciting, fun and engaging events that both children and parents can participate in.

August / September

AugustK1 Entrance Ceremony

New entrants to Kinder 1 Class enjoy this special opportunity to be welcomed into our Kinder level program.

SeptemberOpen Day

This is the first Open Day of the year, providing parents with the opportunity to visit their child's class during Circle Time and see how much fun the children are having!

October / November

Halloween PartyOctober

For Halloween the children wear their favourite costumes and enjoy a number of fun activities within the school.

December / January

DecemberChristmas Party

On this day the children come to school in festive clothing and enjoy doing many Christmas-themed games and activities.

February / March

FebruarySecond Open Day

The second Open Day provides another chance for parents to come to the school and see how the children have progressed mid-year. Parents of Nursery and Toddler children will be able to view a second Circle Time session, while Kinder classes will showcase one of our activity blocs (Journal, Phonics, Numeracy, Craft, etc.).

MarchSports Festival

The Sports Festival is a great day for both children and parents to participate in activities as a team. Races, games and dances are just some of the exciting events that take place on the day.


In the lead up to Easter the children make crafts associated with Easter. They will make ‘eggs’ that will be hidden in the outside play area and all the children will have the opportunity to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt.

April / May

MayLei Day

On May 1st we will celebrate the aloha spirit! The children will enjoy singing, dancing, games, and making special crafts.

MayThird Open Day

On our last Open Day parents will be able to see how much the children have grown and developed over the course of the year!

June / July

JuneSummer Concert

The main event of the year, children perform songs, and act on stage. It is a special occasion for them to showcase their talents and confidence in front of an audience.

JulySummer School

Beginning in the last week of June and carrying through the last day of school in July, Summer school is an exciting four weeks including pool play and fun summer cooking sessions! There will also be a special four week summer curriculum featuring themed crafts and activities.

JulyTanabata Festival

Based on a Japanese legend, Tanabata (also known as the Star Festival) celebrates the one day a year that Prince Hikoboshi and Princess Orihime may cross the Milky Way to meet one another. On this fun day the children will dress in yukata, jimbei, or summer clothes and enjoy the Tanabata Story, Summer Festival games, singing Japanese songs, and decorating the school with their wishes.